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Thomas Reade Primary School

Safeguarding/Online Safety

Thomas Reade incorporates online safety issues across the whole curriculum.

Online Safety/Safeguarding Policies For You To Download



If the children come across, or are made aware of, inappropriate use of social networking sites they are urged to report these to the appropriate person within the school. We have a very thorough filtering service which filters inappropriate materials.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo etc are age restricted and should not be available to primary school aged children.

The school has a range of policies and procedures, which are regularly reviewed by Governors and Staff.

If a parent/carer wishes to discuss a child protection issue please see Mrs Lynsey Day, Headteacher who is our Child Protection Officer. The situation will be assessed and if necessary will be passed on to a Child Protection Officer to deal with the matter.

Social Network Sites

It has come to our attention that some of the children in Key Stage 2 already have Facebook Accounts and accounts with other social networks. The legal age is 13 to join such sites. If your child has an account, a false date of birth must have been entered. Some schools have been experiencing problems with cyber bullying associated with social network sites.

  • Do you know if your children have a social network account?
  • Do you have access to this account?
  • Do you monitor the activity on this account?
  • Are you aware of the photographs that are posted on these sites of your children?

Please talk to your children about the dangers of the internet, particularly the dangers associated with social network sites.

How to Keep Safe on the Internet - A Guide for Children

Read these rules carefully. They will make sure you stay safe when using the internet. Don’t forget, you are responsible for how you use the internet.

  • Only use the internet when there is an adult present, or if you have got permission from an adult
  • Only login with your name and passwords
  • Never give out or send your address, phone number, photographs or personal information
  • All messages, emails, texts etc should remain polite and sensible. Do not send anything that will cause upset
  • Be aware all messages are tracked and logged
  • If you get a message that is rude or upsets you, tell an adult immediately
  • If you see anything or are sent links to websites or pictures that upset you, tell an adult immediately
  • Be aware that an adult can check your computer files at any time
  • Make sure you only open up messages or websites from people you trust