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Thomas Reade Primary School

EYFS Photos 

Dinosaur visits (April 2023) 

We had great fun last term when two dinosaurs visited our classroom! For weeks afterwards the children were hunting for dinosaurs in the garden! Their imagination was incredible! They found footprints, heard noises and made phone calls to the dinosaurs to find out where they were!


Teddy Bears (January 2023) 

During our Toy topic in Term 4 we loved bringing our favourite soft toy into school for the week. We painted them, wrote about them, played with them, and ended the term with a Teddy Bears picnic! We read lots of fabulous stories about Teddy Bears. Mrs Blagrove's favourite was 'Old Bear' by Jane Hissey.

Christmas Nativity (December 2022) 

We loved performing our Christmas play called 'Wriggly Nativity' to lots of our friends and family. 




Exploring Pumpkins (November 2022)

 Learning to write captions - November 2022