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Thomas Reade Primary School

EYFS Photos 


Our visit from a dinosaur! (March 2024)

The children in Reception class were shown some photos that Mrs Blagrove took of a dinosaur she saw early one morning! Later that day the dinosaur popped into the Foundation garden to say hello!! The children loved meeting the dinosaur who they called 'Mr Dino'!  

Our favourite toys (Jan 2024)

Our new topic is 'Toys and Teddies' (and how toys have changed over time). To start this topic the children were all invited to bring their favourite soft toy to school for the day! The children loved involving their toy in the activities! We had a wonderful circle time session where all children told their friends about their soft toy - they were encouraged to speak in full sentences and later in the day the children all created some wonderful observational drawings and used watercolour paints to add the detail. 

The day our toys came to school!


Trip to the library (Jan 2024) 

We went on a fantastic trip to find out all about what a library is for and how to use one. We listened to the librarian read a story called Old Bear by Jane Hissey, and we spent some time looking for books for borrow which were linked to our new topic.   




Trip to Bridge House Care Home (Dec 2023)

After our first visit last year we were invited back to Bridge House by the Activities Manager Chantelle. She asked us to sing some festive songs to the residents so we sang some well known Christmas songs and then some of the children's favourite songs from our Nativity play. This has become a special community link for us - the learning opportunities for the children, and the benefits for the children and residents alike is invaluable.



 Remembrance Day (Nov 2023)

We watched a wonderful clip about Remembrance Day on Cbeebies and discussed what the animation showed.


We talked about the symbol of a Poppy and why it is used to represent Remembrance Day. Then we made our own poppies using our handprints! We planted these poppies in our Foundation garden to create our own poppy field. 



Conkers, Pumpkins and our Welly Walk! (Oct 2023) 

We have had a great time learning about Autumn! We loved rolling conkers in paint to create our own conker art - some of us worked out how to do this with a friend! We worked on our hand eye coordination as we hammered golf tees into pumpkins and we went on a welly walk to find signs of Autumn in our school grounds. We are going to go on another walk in a few weeks time to find out how our environment has changed as we enter Winter. Watch this space!





Exploring our new outdoor area (Sep 2023)  

We are so lucky to have a brand new and amazing outdoor area! We have already enjoyed climbing, balancing and swinging! The most popular piece of the trim trail is definitely the monkey bars! We have been working hard on taking turns and sharing the equipment!


Name writing (Sep 2023)   

We are learning how to write our names using the correct pencil grip and letter formation. We are so proud of what we can do!





Dinosaur visits (April 2023) 

We had great fun last term when two dinosaurs visited our classroom! For weeks afterwards the children were hunting for dinosaurs in the garden! Their imagination was incredible! They found footprints, heard noises and made phone calls to the dinosaurs to find out where they were!


Teddy Bears (January 2023) 

During our Toy topic in Term 4 we loved bringing our favourite soft toy into school for the week. We painted them, wrote about them, played with them, and ended the term with a Teddy Bears picnic! We read lots of fabulous stories about Teddy Bears. Mrs Blagrove's favourite was 'Old Bear' by Jane Hissey.

Christmas Nativity (December 2022) 

We loved performing our Christmas play called 'Wriggly Nativity' to lots of our friends and family. 




EYFS Exploring Pumpkins (November 2022)

We have been enjoying exploring pumpkins.

 Learning to write captions - November 2022