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Thomas Reade Primary School

Chickens (ID 1223)

  • McGonagall
    'The Yellow One'
  • Belatrix
    'The Green One'
  • Luna
    'The one with no tag'
  • Myrtle
    'The one with the light blue tag'
  • Ginny
    'The Pink One'


Our Chickens

The chickens arrived as part of a science project on 10th May 2021. They were delivered as eggs and lived in an incubator in the year 2 classroom. The children were able to see them hatch out during the week. As we were experiencing Covid-19 restrictions at the time the other classes weren't able to come into the classroom to see them hatch, instead, we were able to set up a live MS Teams link so the rest of the school could see. They started laying eggs in September 2021.

Due to outbreaks of bird flu and restrictions in force following this, the chickens have to live undercover and are not allowed out to roam around the garden, something they are not very happy about.

They are named after some of the female characters in Harry Potter, you can see their development in the slideshow below.

From eggs to chickens!


 McGonagall - 'The yellow one!'

Nicknamed Molly, McGonagall is one of the rulers of the roost, she is known for her adventurous and inquisitive nature. She can often be seen leading the other chickens into mischief, her favourite places to visit include the bins, the carpark, and when she's feeling particularly adventurous, Grundy Close!

 Bellatrix  -'The green one!'

McGonagall's partner in crime, is Bellatrix. Her green band was intended to represent her house in the Harry Potter stories, but in her case green is for go! She can frequently be seen moving at top speed across the garden usually chasing anyone carrying food. She is one of the friendliest chickens often coming to say hello.

Luna -'The one with no tag!'

Luna is a very resilient chicken. She had an accident last year where she damaged her leg. We were very worried about her at the time and didn't know how she would manage. She was very determined, and quickly got very good at hopping. She managed to get in and out of the house on one leg, to get to food and water. Her leg is fine now, but a little mishappen.

 Myrtle - 'The one with the light blue tag'

Myrtle has distinctive  markings with her feathers being much lighter than her friends. She is quite  shy, not liking to be picked up. She prefers  to stay in the garden but can sometimes be found following her friends around the school.

Ginny - 'The pink one!'

Ginny is a slightly smaller chicken who doesn't always want to be picked up. She prefers to stay and explore the garden when her friends go wandering around the school. She along with the other chickens love to eat leaves, sweetcorn broccoli and some fruit.