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Thomas Reade Primary School

Our Staff

Staff at Thomas Reade (ID 1142)

  • Mrs. Lynsey Day
  • Mrs. Sue Moulster
    Deputy Headteacher
  • Mr. Nick Austin
    Year 6 teacher
  • Mrs. Helen Rickard
    Year 5 Teacher
  • Mrs. Caroline Langley
    Year 5 Teacher
  • Mrs. Jayne Evans
    Year 4 teacher
  • Miss. Felicity Cronin
    Year 3 teacher
  • Miss. Charlotte Owbridge
    Year 2 teacher
  • Miss. Rosie Allott
    Year 1 teacher
  • Mrs. Ali Blagrove
    Reception class teacher
  • Mrs. Lynne Holt
    SENCO and Music Teacher
  • Mrs. Sally Dubock
    Cover Teacher


Our Staff are dedicated to the welfare of our children.

Mrs. Lynsey Day, Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead / English co-ordinator

Mrs. Sue Moulster, Deputy Headteacher / ICT Co-ordinator and Specialist PE Teacher / English co-ordinator / SLT

Mrs. Ali Blagrove, EYFS lead / Early Reading English lead

Miss Rosie Allott, Year 1 teacher 

Miss. Charlotte Owbridge, Year 2 teacher / RSE lead / RE lead

Miss. Felicity Cronin, Year 3 teacher/ Humanities lead

Mrs. Jayne Evans, Year 4 teacher/ Maths lead / English co-ordinator SA link / SLT

Mrs Helen Rickard and Mrs Caroline Langley, Year 5 teachers

Mr. Nick Austin, Year 6 teacher/ Science lead / English Co-ordinator / SLT

Mrs. Lynne Holt, Specialist Music Teacher / SENCO

Admin Staff

Mrs. Pearson, School Business Manager / Deputy DSL / SLT

Mrs. Bethan West, Office Administrator

Miss Kayleigh Jones, Admin assistant

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Lisa Smith: Nursery nurse

Mrs. Diana Bingham; MFL co-ordinator

Mrs. Sally Dubock: PPA teacher

Mrs. Kolsuma Akther

Mrs. Suzi Anderson

Miss Kirsten Blair

Mrs. Kate Bustin

Mrs. Bev Elsmore

Mrs. Zoe Griffiths

Miss Hannah Mills

Mrs. Keely Neal

Miss Ceri Proctor

Mrs. Naomi Quick

Mrs. Martine Stimpson

Mrs. Angela Webster

Mrs. Clara Wray

Mrs. Yom Lee

Mrs. Donna Cole

Mrs Maria Panagiotopoulou

Miss Daisy Evans

Maintenance Staff

Current vacancy

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs. Kolsuma Akther

Miss. Claire Harris

Mrs. Louise Green

Mrs. Adele Frankum

The Nest breakfast and after school club

Christina / Rachel / Nadia 

Mrs. Smith / Mrs. Webster