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Thomas Reade Primary School

Year 3 Key Topics

Our enquiry question for this term is 'How did Britain change from the Stone Age to Iron Age?' and we will learn about this during our Literacy, Topic and Art lessons. 

The religion we will study in R.E. is Judaism and we will be finding out about the features of a synagogue and important Jewish festivals.

In science we are learning about animals (including humans) and we will be carrying out scientific investigations too. We will also be taking part in Crest Science sessions and working towards earning our award.

In ICT we will begin by learning the importance of internet safety. Later in the term we will look at Microsoft Word and develop our skills on this software.

Literacy (21.11.23 onwards)

For our next literacy unit we will be looking at non-chronological reports. Our independent write in about three weeks time will require us to write our own non-chronological report about the Stone Age. This will be a great way to show what we have learnt in literacy AND our topic lessons. 

Objectives covered in literacy will include:

  • features of a non-chronological report
  • past and present tense
  • first and third person
  • fact and opinion

Maths (20.11.23)

Addition and Subtraction