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Thomas Reade Primary School



At Thomas Reade we aim to inspire our pupils to be curious geographers who develop their understanding about Abingdon, the UK and the wider world throughout their time at school.

We want to provoke questions about the natural and human worlds and encourage the children to wonder ‘why’ and ‘how’. Within our enquiry-led Geography curriculum, we seek to equip children with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to think creatively and critically, to investigate and to ask questions to enable them to gain a greater understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the world and their place in it. At each stage of their geography education, children will deepen their locational knowledge, place knowledge and understanding of human and physical geography.


Wherever possible, we aim to provide a creative, cross curricular approach to give children memorable experiences designed to help them know more and remember more.  These include visits, design and technology, ICT, art, numeracy, cookery, music and literacy.  We ensure coverage of the National Curriculum through our programmes of study.  Through a rich and stimulating learning environment we aim to provide a range of experiences from which the children can develop the relevant geographic skills, knowledge and understanding.  We encourage and develop the children’s interest in the wider world through first-hand experience and the complementary use of secondary sources.  We aim to develop children’s sense of identity, within both local and wider perspectives thus enhancing their understanding and sensitivity towards the Earth and its peoples.


Our children are able to analyse the world around them from a physical and human perspective. We prepare them for a life where they will live and work with a diverse population – helping to develop tolerant attitudes to different cultures. Our assessments are against National Curriculum objectives and the development of geographical knowledge and skills. We use verbal assessment through observing and questioning and our marking of books helps us to give an informed judgement at each assessment point. Our foundation subjects are reported on termly and any changes to lessons are made if necessary.