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Thomas Reade Primary School

Year 3 Homework


Spellings are given to children every Monday and they are tested on the Friday of the same week. Children are encouraged to use a variety of strategies to help them learn their spellings. 

Spelling Strategies

Week beginning 30.10.2023

The spelling words this week are a range of common words which are often spelt incorrectly. Blue group and green group have the same spellings. Yellow group have some spellings which are also the same. 

Week 1 - 30.10.23

Week beginning 06.11.2023

 Week 2 - 06.11.23

Week beginning 13.11.2023

Week 3 - 13.11.23

Week beginning 20.11.2023

  Week 4 - 20.11.23

Week beginning 27.11.2023

 Week 5 - 27.11.23

Week beginning 04.12.2023

 Week 6 - 04.12.23

Week beginning 11.12.2023

 Week 7 - 11.12.23


In Maths we will continue with our topic from last term - Addition and Subtraction. We are learning how to add and subtract using column addition and subtraction. Sometimes we need to exchange across a 10 and/or 100 when doing this. Next week we will be starting a new topic - multiplication and division. 

More information about our maths work can be found on the 'Year 3 Key Topics' page.  

Times Tables

It would be very beneficial for children could practise their times tables regularly - little and often is the best way. In Year 3 children are expected to know their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables. 

Websites to help learning times tables include:


Children are strongly encouraged to read at home. Like times tables, reading little and often is a good way to increase fluency and understanding of text. 

Here is a recommended reading list for Year 3:


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