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During Term 6 we are going to be focusing lots of our learning around Abingdon, Australia and the Arctic! We will be answering our big question 'Where in the world do I live?' We will start the topic thinking about where we live and as the term progresses we will compare where we live to Australia and the Arctic. We will look at maps and we will learn how to use an aerial map of our school to follow a route. 

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Term 1 Overview 2023-2024

Term 2 Overview 2023-2024

Term 3 Overview 2023-2024

Term 4 Overview 2023-2024

Term 5 Overview 2023-2024

Term 6 Overview 2023-2024




Term 1 Overview

Term 2 Overview

Term 3 Overview

Term 4 Overview

Term 5 Overview

Term 6 Overview


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