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We are committed to developing a coherent, flexible and enriched curriculum which raises aspirations, drives ambition, and secures the highest standards in all areas. Children will be engaged, motivated and confident with emerging and evolving technologies which will achieve high quality learning. We adopt the National Curriculum in its entirety. We are working on our curriculum plans and overviews. Click on the links below for more information.

Maths and English are taught every day. We focus on the core skills. Reading, writing and arithmetic are taught systematically, and we value the help of parents in supporting with practice and reinforcement at home.

Computing skills are taught progressively right from the start, and the children use a wide range of technology across their learning.

We understand the importance of our children growing and developing successfully in every aspect of their lives. For this reason, personal and social education, physical education and sport, and religious education are important elements of their learning in every year.

We welcome the involvement of our parents and carers through opportunities to be involved with classroom and school events. We want learning to be a real family affair, and as happy children make happy learners, we want our parents to know that we are always here to listen and to help.

Phonics Programme

Thomas Reade uses Essential Letters and Sounds as an accredited phonics programme.

The principles of Essential Letters and Sounds are based upon:

 - the delivery of whole class high-quality first teaching with well-structured daily lesson plans
 - the use of consistent terminology used by teachers, children and parents
 - the use of consistent resources that support the teaching of ELS
 - effective use of repetition throughout the programme
 - maximizing the impact of regular and manageable assessment to ensure that all children keep up rather than catch up.

This practise will ensure fidelity to one programme whereby teachers are systematic, consistent and confident in their approach to teaching phonics.

You can find out more about the curriculum for Thomas Reade School by downloading the following documents:

Thomas Reade curriculum

Thomas Reade Topic Pathway



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