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Thomas Reade Primary School

Year 5

Mr Cook

Mr. Cook joins us from a school in Witney, he is very excited to be joining the team at Thomas Reade. He came to visit the school during the summer term to get to know the children and find out more about the school. 


Martine Stimpson

I’m Miss Martine and I have been working with babies, children, and young people for 27 years now. My passion is learning! I love learning absolutely anything and everything, but my most favourite subject is learning about how children play and learn. I am so lucky to get to work throughout Thomas Reade School, although this year you will mostly find me working in Year 5 alongside Miss O’Hare and Ms Webster. Outside of school I am a keen genealogist, stargazer, and conservationist. I am at my happiest when I am open water swimming with my friends, foraging in the woods with my dog or at home with my six rescue cats listening to music from the 1980s. If you see me at school, please come and say ‘Hello’ and share your learning with me!

Mrs. Bustin.

Hi, my name is Mrs Bustin.  I have worked at Thomas Reade since last spring and work in a class of lovely children!  I enjoy reading, open water swimming and walking my dog.  We have a busy term ahead, with swimming, cooking and Christmas preparations coming up.  

Expectations Of Our Class

In Year 5, we are expected to have an excellent attitude towards our learning. We need to be sensible in class and always listen to and follow instructions. We must always put in 100% effort and “Go for Gold” in every lesson. We must respect the adults we work with and other members of our class. We know that we listen when others are talking and speak kindly to both children and adults. We obey the class rules, school rules and the “Power of Five”. Finally, we are taught to persevere with all our work and to never give up.

We have fun in Year 5 and earn table points and merits which earn us certificates in assembly and go towards a reward at the end of each term, such as a Christmas Breakfast, an Easter Slumber Party and a Summer Water Fight!

PE days - Wednesday

Swimming - Thursday morning September and October

Highlights Of The Year

We have many highlights in Year 5. We go on a trip to Oxford Museum in the Autumn term to help us when we are studying the Victorians. It is a fun day as we also get to dress up as Victorian children. We also go swimming in this term and this is where we learn and develop key swimming skills at the Leisure Centre! In the Spring term, we practise for our production which we normally do with Year 4 before the Easter holidays. It’s really fun because we get to sing, dance and act! Also in the Spring Term, we design and create our own Mayan masks as part of our History topic about the Maya Civilisation. In the Summer term, we take a trip on a boat up the River Thames and try and spot different river features and wildlife that we have been studying in our Rivers topic in Geography.

Year 5 homework

 Year 5 key documents and resources

Year 5 key topics