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Thomas Reade Primary School

Special Educational Needs

Mrs. Lynne Holt our SENCO can be contacted through the school office 01235 554795 or via e mail at l.holt@thomas-reade.oxon.sch.uk (these emails will be checked on Mrs Holt's working days - Tuesday and Wednesday. If your request is urgent, please contact the school office).

Provision for Children with Special Educational Needs

We recognise that as many as one in five children may have special educational needs at some time in their school career. Individual needs may arise from physical, intellectual, emotional, social or behavioural difficulties. These difficulties range from being quite mild to complex, severe and possibly long-term. A further group of children with special educational needs are those with exceptional abilities or talents.

Identification of Children with Special Needs

Parents are requested to draw the school’s attention to their child’s special educational needs if these have been identified prior to enrollment. On entry to school, the class teacher is responsible for identifying children with special needs. She/he will consult the child’s parents, the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and the Headteacher as appropriate. Further advice may be sought from a variety of professional sources, and at every stage the school will advise and consult the pupil’s parents. These arrangements include the identification of and provision for exceptionally able and gifted children.

Role of Parents

Individual assessment takes place with the full knowledge, involvement and support of parents. This is vital if the programme is to be successful. If you have any concerns please see your child’s class teacher or Headteacher.

Co-ordination of Special Needs Provision

Mrs Lynne Holt, SENCO, has specific responsibility for co-ordinating our work on behalf of special needs children. She works closely with the Headteacher.

SEND information report and SEN policy