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Thomas Reade Primary School

Vision & Values

Vision, Aims and Mission Statement


Our mission statement is very simple:

Every child matters. Every moment counts.


 Our vision mirrors our mission statement. We aim to take the children on a dynamic journey of discovery by providing opportunities for them to develop as independent, curious and engaged learners. We encourage children to make the most of every opportunity and endeavour to create caring citizens with a lifelong love of learning. 


 Our values follow our acronym T - READE



We aim to work with our children to enable them to:

  •  - develop lively and enquiring minds
  •  - develop, in a balanced way, spiritual, moral, social, cultural, personal and academic qualities, and thus prepare them for their position in the wider world community

  •  - have high self-esteem, self-confidence and independence

  •  - have resilience and problem solving skills

  •  - respect themselves, others and the environment

  •  - understand equal access for all children regardless of disabilities, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and social economic circumstances