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Thomas Reade Primary School

Year 2 key documents and resources 

General Information for Year 2

Information about resources that are useful for your children or any resources that we might need in class will be listed here.

Below you will find a copy of the slides from our 'meet the teacher' meeting.

parent information.pdf

Reading in Year 2

 Maths (Autumn Term)

Place Value



y2 autumn block 1 place value.pdf

Addition and Subtraction




y2 autumn block 2 addition and subtraction.pdf




y2 autumn block 3 shape.pdf

Maths (Spring Term)




year 2 spring block 1 money.pdf

Multiplication and Division




year 2 spring block 2 multiplication and division.pdf

Length and Height



year 2 spring block 3 length and height.pdf

Mass, Capacity and Temperature




year 2 spring block 4 mass capacity and temperature.pdf

Maths (Summer Term)




year 2 summer block 1 fractions.pdf




year 2 summer block 2 time.pdf




year 2 summer block 3 statistics.pdf

Position and Direction




year 2 summer block 4 position and direction.pdf