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Thomas Reade Primary School

Year 5 Homework


Homework will be uploaded to the website every Friday.  It consists of:

  • - Times Tables/Division practice (using Daily Tables Sheets the children bring home each week, Mathletics, Squeebles App or timestables.co.uk)
  • - 10 spelling words which the children will need to practice in any way they choose (for example, writing them repeatedly at least 10 times using the “Look, Cover, Write, Check” technique, writing sentences or definitions of each word to show an understanding of their meaning, a poem, a short story – 1 page maximum! - a report, instructions, a word search…be creative!)

The children will complete their weekly spelling test every Friday. Please help to remind your child to take responsibility for their homework and ensure they are ready for their spelling test on a Friday!

Week beginning:  15/05/23 (Week 5)

Spellings this week focus on words with the '-ify suffix. 

Year 5 Homework Week 5


Week beginning: 08/05/23 (Week 4)

Spellings this week focus on words with the '-ible' suffix. 

Year 5 Homework Week 4

Week beginning: 01/05/23 (Week 3)

Spellings this week focus on words with the 'ice' and 'ise' suffix. This week, I have also included a sheet for the children to have a go at - they need to work out which '-ice' or '-ise' word is the correct word to use in the sentence.

Year 5 Homework Week 3

Year 5 -ice/-ise Practise Sheet

Week beginning: 24/04/23 (Week 2)

Spellings this week focus on words with the 'ture' suffix

Year 5 Homework Week 2

 Week beginning: 17/04/23 (Week 1)

Spellings this week focus on words with the 'sure' suffix.

Year 5 Homework Week 1


In addition to their homework, children are expected to read every day.  Many of the children are able to take responsibility for this themselves, but we still recommend that they read aloud to an adult at least three times a week, for at least ten minutes each time. This helps minimise careless errors and aids understanding if the book is a little demanding.  Above all, do enjoy reading and talking about books with your child! 

Please click on the following link for a list of suggested reading books for children in Year 5:

Reading list year 5

I have put the children into appropriate reading groups and they will read to an adult in school at least once a week.  Our class collection of books is available for children to choose from and take home as often as they like.  We also have the school library for children to visit from which books can be borrowed.

Home Learning -for use in event of school closure

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To develop reading for pleasure through personal reflection - Oak Academy - Year 5 - Reading for pleasure