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News - Heads up from Mrs Day!

Happy end of term! To say this has been a busy term would be an understatement. We have had school discos, talent shows, celebration days (World Book Day and Comic Relief), a Science Fair, school trips, a school disco, the Easter Fair, sporting competitions, clubs and an OFSTED inspection. I sometimes wonder how we manage to fit the National Curriculum in! I can assure you we have taught plenty of Maths, English, Science and all foundation subjects and I hope the children come home telling you about all of the new things they learn in school. Yesterday was our end of term celebration assembly which is always one of my favourite days of the term. The children are so proud to come up to receive their certificates and their faces if they receive a child of the term medal is priceless. I always try to watch the child’s reaction as we read out their names as it makes it all worthwhile. Today was class photo day and the children all looked very smart in their school uniform. We even managed to include the chickens which has now become a tradition - I often wonder at what point something becomes a tradition but now we are over half way through the second year, it is nice to see things happening again that we enjoyed last year. The Year 3 children performed brilliantly on stage on Monday and I particularly loved the message that the show embodied - the importance of friendship and kindness.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and we look forward to seeing you all back on Monday 15th April.