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Thomas Reade Primary School

Phonics & Spelling

From January 31st 2022, we have introduced a new phonics programme. Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS) is an accredited programme and will replace any other programmes that have been used.

The principles of Essential Letters and Sounds are based upon:

- the delivery of whole class high-quality first teaching with well-structured daily lesson plans
- the use of consistent terminology used by teachers, children and parents
 -the use of consistent resources that support the teaching of ELS
 -effective use of repetition throughout the programme
- maximizing the impact of regular and manageable assessment to ensure that all children keep up rather than catch up.

This practise will ensure fidelity to one programme whereby teachers are systematic, consistent and confident in their approach to teaching phonics.

You can find out more about the curriculum for Thomas Reade School by downloading the following documents.

Letter for parents

ELS overview for parents

ELS presentation for parents

ELS progression:


Autumn 1 - Phase 2

Autumn 2 - Phase 3

Spring 1 - Phase 3 continued and revision of Phase 2

Spring 2 - Phase 3 continued and revision of Phase 2

Summer 1 - Phase 4 (during this phase no new sounds are taught, but the previous phases are consolidated and the focus is on reading longer words containing previously taught sounds and the introduction of suffixes)

Summer 2 - Phase 5 (reading only)

 Year 1:

Autumn - Phase 5 consolidation

Spring - Revision of all, plus Phase 5 alternative spelling patterns for previously taught sounds. 

Summer - Revision of all previously taught sounds for reading and spelling. 


During each phase children are taught using 'pure' sounds. The links below will help provide support for how to pronounce the sounds. 

Phase 2 pronunciation video

Phase 3 pronunciation video

Phase 5 pronunciation video

Phoneme mats:

Sounds Mat Phase 2

Sounds Mat Phase 3

Sounds Mat Phase 5

How to write each grapheme:

Grapheme prompt sheet - Phase 2

Grapheme prompt sheet - Phase 3

Grapheme prompt sheet - Phase 5