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Thomas Reade Primary School

Welcome to Year 2


In Year 2, we decide on our class rules as a team.

Our class rules:

Our Incredible Year 2 Families

Year 2 are very luck to have received so many generous donations to our classroom over the month of September. Not all of our wonderful donations could be photographed, however, each donation has been marked in our classroom with a 'funded by a loved one' sticker so the children can appreciate that these gifts are from their families. We would like to invite families into our classroom to see these resources in action later on in the year. 

To donate an item to our Year 2 class, please follow the link to our Amazon wish list:


Book bag days

In Year 2, we ask that book bags are brought to school each day. This increases the reading opportunities that each child has to read one to one with an adult. 

In addition to the books we send home, the Year 2 team also assign books online for each child. These books are chosen carefully to meet the specific next steps for your child. You can access these books on the Oxford Owl website, where you will log in with your child’s individual log in. 

Reading in Year 2:


reading in year 2 1 .pdf

Year 2 key topics



The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can

take it away from you.

- B. B. King

  Year 2 key documents and resources